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      Read about Biometrics on Mobile CE Devices in my article in the February/March 2006 Issue! It's on the shelves now!


                            MobileVoiceRTP Supports Real Time Video!

Pushing full color video packets across in real time did not provide full motion capabilities when using 300 to 400 MHz Mobile CE devices. RGB cameras in 565/24 bit and 555/16 bit suffered the constraints of both the hardware and bandwidth.  With that in mind 8, 4, 2 and 1 bit resolutions were developed and full motion results were achieved with lower bit widths.  The maximum clock speed seen with Mobile CE devices at present is roughly 625 MHz, which is no where near the 2 to 4 GHz clock speeds of laptop and desktop devices.


While one bit resolution is grainy and resembles animation, it provides enough detail  to merit incorporating this functionality into this Videophone. As time progresses and the clock speeds increase, full motion duplex video streams in high resolution color will be possible.

MobileVoiceRTP is a real time streaming voice product which provides some unique features making it highly interoperable on all existing Mobile CE Platforms including Palm, Pocket PC, H/PC Pro, HPC 2000, Pocket PC 2002/2003, and CE.NET.  (sorry Smartphone platform)

Feature Functionality:

PCM and GSM 6.10 Codecs Supported
VOX/VAD Control - Voice Activation Detection for PCM and GSM codecs
Push-To-Talk Mode, Streaming Mode
Full and Half Duplex Support

16/24 Bit Color Support, 320x240, 160x120 [Frame Per Minute Granularity]
8/4/2/1 Bit Monochrome/Low Color Support, 320x240, 160x120 [Frame Per Second Granularity]
User Customizable Ring Tones
Silent Ringer Mode, Vibrate
Auto Discovery of all devices on network
Caller ID/Caller Decline
User Customizable Database
Configuration in XML Format
Utilizes P2P Technology (no additional hardware required*, no FCC constraints)


* You must have an 802.11 Access Point, a Router and DSL or a Broadband Connection, Internet access is required.
** Ipaq 3700, 6300, Photosmart SDIO, video supported.
*** The newer 625 Mhz devices may support full motion color video, we can't wait to try.
+ Beta Test Program TBA

Using Free Dynamic DNS Services for VoIP

You can set up devices to use dynamic DNS services for web servers, cameras and VoIP use. For cameras visit . For web servers, VoIP etc. visit

VoIP Hacks

Edu-taining reading, if you have broadband or DSL, pick this book up! Picture this, with a initial $35 to $70 investment to purchase a generic ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), you can then run your regular phones over VoIP, a nice way to tunnel your 5.8 Ghz phones over the internet. The O'Reilly series of hacks books describes clever ways of implementing and deploying various technologies, using "hacks" not in the modern sense i.e. "a poor job done", but in the older one of where ingenuity and creativity solved the tasks at hand. This particular book covers 100 projects with VoIP technologies. Topics are; broadband VoIP, desktop telephony, skype, asterisk, hardware phones, navigating/analyzing VoIP, and deploying VoIP systems. This one will arm you with enough information to setup your own telephony server, PBX etc. all at the cost effective price of a generic PC.
(O'Reilly Press, (306 Pages)

The Pocket PC Camera API in CE 5.0

Generalized Camera APIs for CE 5.0 are available. These enable you to take still pictures (JPEG) and video clips (MPEG4, H.263).  The Camera APIs are now part of the standard CE version 5.0 and beyond. For a description of the APIs go to the API Page   The Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK comes with sample programs utilizing the camera APIs and are written in C++, VB or C# for VS 2005 .NET.  You can download the Mobile 5.0 PPC SDK via this link to the  Download Page .

Pro Service Oriented Smart Clients with .NET 2.0

SOA with Smart Clients, some interesting reading. Smart Clients are not only Mobile applications but are adaptive applications which can operate in either a connected or disconnected (buffered) mode. The are roughly three categories for Smart Clients: Windows Forms SC, Windows Office SC, and Mobile SC. Under Office Smart Clients fall into two sub categories, those developed with VSTO Visual Studio Tools for Office and IBF, the Information Bridge Framework. VSTO SCs work with Word and Excel and allow one to embed .NET assemblies developed with Visual Studio into these documents. IBF focuses integrating Line of Business documents developed with Word, Excel, Outlook or InfoPath with Web Services which are developed with Visual Studio. The book covers other aspects of SC's such as No Touch or One Touch deployment.  In a nutshell Smart Clients usually are updated via HTTP over the web, but operate as a Fat Client providing the ability to
operate and cache data and possibly even state during network outages. They may intelligently select which network to operate over i.e. cellular, satellite, WiFi, or wired. [yes, this is something you can do with the latest mobile devices] Smart Clients utilize DISCO or UDDI to register their services and converse with each other via SOAP (XML) Other areas covered here detail offline support, architecture, and testing.
Smart Clients are not a particular niche technology but better described as toolkits and evolving guidelines developed within the increasingly interoperable product lines.
(Apress, 321 Pages)

Consulting/Contracting Services

If you have short term to project length development requirements, consider utilizing our hardware and software development skills which cover a wide variety of areas. Programming languages include: C++, C#, Java and  assembly. Environments are typically the Windows CE or XP Operating Systems.  Specific areas include:

                      Device Programming
                      Windows CE.NET Development (eVC++, C# .NET Compact Framework, Jeodes JVM)
                      Protocols (UDP, TCP, SOAP, HTTP,  IPX, LU 2, LU 6.2)
                      Language/Parsing Based Projects (Text, XML)
                      Small Web Based Projects (DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Adobe Audition (DSP/Sound))
                      Wireless Hardware (Configuration, Network Analysis)
                      Legacy Interfaces (3270, 5250, NVT)

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